Saturday, 14 June 2014

MKAL - 9 Clue 8

Clue 8 is called Ripple Cable.   This is in, in my opinion the nicest of the squares. Martin Storey has combined the stitches used in previous clues in this design, which incorporates both  lace and cable stitches.

The only mod I've made is to add a couple of rows of garter top and bottom.  I also did the right slanting sl1 k1 psso as k2tog tbl, as I did last time in clue ?

I have now completed all 6 squares: 3 in Raspberry, as as shown here, and 3 in Rosy, which is actually lilac!!

All still unblocked.  This square has knitted up the same as clue 7 and both of these clues give a much denser fabric than the others have, and they have been a lot larger!  This may all blend together once they are well dispersed, I live in hope.

I have started to block Dots & Dashes and Doughnuts. I washed them and pinned them and they required a lot of stretching to achieve 20cm sq.  Precisely what I didn't want to do.  And lo and behold they have shrunk back considerably.  I hope that this will not result in a very uneven blanket. 

I know this is a gripe but I don't think there were enough (if any) test knitters to knit this prior to issuing the pattern.  The "squares" nave not been square, have not knitted to size and, although people do knit to different tensions, they are usually consistent, this knit seems to have been a problem for a lot of people who have added their two penny worth to the forums, so, I don't think I am alone in this thought.

There has now been a great deal of discussion regarding  Clue 9, Cable Trim.  A proportion of people posting on the Ravelry, Rowan Forum have not liked it at all and a few people have changed the trim to suit their own taste. I think it is the photo that doesn't do the trim justice so I think I will knit this as per pattern
but may make up the blanket or at least the edges so that I can knit it directly onto the edge.  Haven't quite formulated how yet, but am thinking about it.  There will be a month to finish it off so there should be plenty of time before the end of the KAL.

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