Tuesday, 17 June 2014

MKAL 10 - Layout

The official layout hasn't been posted yet , nor has the method for piecing the squares together but in the meantime I thought I would try out my layout, live on the carpet.  The last six squares in Raspberry are missing as they are in the process of being blocked, but I thought I would lay out the pieces in the order I had planned, anyway, omitting the last squares that are still drying.

Unfortunately I took the photo of the layout upside-down in comparison with the plan. I noticed a mistake in the first column whilst laying them out (the right hand column in this photo). There were two Doughnuts in the last row (top row here) and simply by exchanging a Doughnut for a Lace Kisses, in the same column, I was able to preserve order!  

The "knight's move" pattern is still preserved and there are no two patterns the same in horizontal or vertical rows.  The diagonal will always have a different colour but may be the same pattern. Each colour will be a knight's move away from the same colour.  (The gaps are the positions of the remaining squares). I think it will look good once it is made up.

My plan is still to join the edge pieces first so that I can knit on the border without having to hold the whole weight of the blanket on my knees in June and July!!!!  It would have been a lovely cosy knit in December but not in mid-summer.

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