Thursday, 22 December 2011

Lacy Cowl

When I subscribed to Rowan wools Magazine for one year it proved to be a great bargain as the joining fee cost less than the four magazines and the 6 balls of Rowan pure wool 4ply and the free patterns for two scarves that I received.  It took me a long tome to get around to knitting the free wool but eventually this was the result.  I didn't finish the scarf off as required by the pattern but I grafted the two ends together to form a circular scarf with no seam.

Isla's Blanket

We've had a new addition to our family:  Isla Belle born three weeks ago.  As has now become a tradition in the family, I knit each new baby its own little blanket.  (in fairness it hasn't always been knitted).  This was a pattern I gleaned from the internet published by Kraemer Yarns.  The pattern is called Lots of Love - Grandma's Afghan by Nancy Harper.  It was very easy and quick to knit using some of my stash: Sirdar Snuggly DK

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Fancy That

This is a lovely Summer sweater from the latest Rowan book but I am knitting it in a Wendy yarn "Happy". I preferred to knit it in a silky yarn rather than Kid silk Haze which is beautiful but rather warm for the Summer season.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

A Load of Old Shale

This was an easy knit. This is a free pattern from Ravely  "Larch, by Tinks and Frogs Rue, from tinksandfrogs

Old Shale is a classic Shetland stitch.  The only difficulty encountered in this pattern was the increase in pattern repeat but once I realized where I was going wrong it all fell into place nicely.I like the juxtaposition of these colours and the wool is lovely and soft 100% Merino (Cygnet Superwash DK)

I have knitted this for my cousin whose 40th birthday has just gone.  She may need it as she and her partner have just returned from Antigua on a celebratory trip. 

Friday, 7 January 2011

Swallowtail Shawl

I have just completed a swallowtail shawl - knitted  over the Christmas break.  What an enjoyable knit this proved to be.  This is based on Estonian lace designs and was created by Evelyn Clarke and is available as a free pattern on Ravelry:  I love it and am probably going to knit it again in alpaca; a really expensive yarn I bought in New York last year.  I knitted this is pure wool Fairytale 2ply which is only available in white in John Lewis, Brent Cross but may be available in other colours elsewhere or online.  I knitted it on straight 4mm bamboo pins but the pattern advises a ciecular needle.  I would have done this if my circular needle had allowed me to do it but the yarn kept catching on the join so I was beaten into submission.
Swallowtail showing the edging
lily of the valley and budding

Edging, lily of the valley and budding
close-up of pattern
This shows a close-up view of the
Swallowtail centrepoint

This was knitted from the top down and increases made to create the long edge.  This is a really ingenious pattern but it is a failry standard way of knitting a triangular shawl.  It can be made larger by increasing the budding repeats to 19.  This is the smaller version of the shawl as described in the published pattern.  The only small difficulty are the nupps to create the lily of the valley pattern but once you get the hang of them it is a breeze.  There are various YouTube videos describing how to do them which you can look up.