Thursday, 22 December 2011

Lacy Cowl

When I subscribed to Rowan wools Magazine for one year it proved to be a great bargain as the joining fee cost less than the four magazines and the 6 balls of Rowan pure wool 4ply and the free patterns for two scarves that I received.  It took me a long tome to get around to knitting the free wool but eventually this was the result.  I didn't finish the scarf off as required by the pattern but I grafted the two ends together to form a circular scarf with no seam.


Unknown said...
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Shirl Fulton said...

What a beautiful scarf! Can you share this pattern, or tell me where to find it?

Finchley land girl said...

This is a Rowan Pattern sent free with a subscription as a Knitting gift. It is called Lace Scarf by Sarah Hatton. You could contact Rowan at to see if they would send it to you or if it is on the website. However, it would be quite easy to adapt a simple lace pattern to a scarf with a false cast on that can then be grafted to the last row to make this more modern style. The length should be about 176 cm and the width approx 28cm the first and last 2 stitches are always knit. Alternate rows are purl apart from fisrt and last two stitches. So the number of stitches should be the no of stitches in the lace pattern plus 4for the stocking stitch edges. This was knitted in 4ply pure wool sent with the pattern but it could be lovely in mohair/silk something like Kidsilk Haze or equivalent in a different brand,
I hope this is helpful
Good luck. Claudine

Shirl Fulton said...

Thanks - I did email Rowan, and I hope they can help me. It is such a beautiful pattern, and in my favorite color too!