Friday, 5 April 2013

Bits and pieces

I've made a few things recently using bits and pieces of wool left over from other projects.  Some of these experiments grew into a finished article as seen in this group.

 This headband was knitted in Cashmerino and the flower was crocheted and placed over the seam.
Headband in Cashmerino

Crochet flower detail

The colarette is in superwash DK and was knitted in a fillet lace pattern with moss stitch ends with a button hole made in one end.  The button was crocheted and applied to the other end.

Fillet lace stitch detail

This Shawlette was knitted in Snuggly DK and is very soft.  I improvised the stitches as I went along and finally decided on (what I think of as ) tortoise stitch going left and right from the central two stocking stitches.  The triangle is made by increasing at each end of every knit row. The first and last two stitches of every row are knit.  every alternate row is a purl row.  The pattern is on every other knit row.  The pattern wasn't established at the beginning but I quite liked the lacy pattern at so I didn't rip it back, even though it went a little askew.
Lacy Shawlette

Lacy Shawlette, tortoise stitch detail

I've knitted a couple more collars as these were very useful in this very cold weather.  I'll post the others soon.  Unfortunately there are no patterns for these knits as I made them up as I went along,  However, they would be quite easy to reproduce if needed. 

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