Thursday, 1 May 2014

Rowan Mystery Afghan Knit-along- 4

I have completed knitting the first clue - 6 squares in two colours,  C and D on my chart. (C is Magenta and D is Candy). 

These are two of the squares from clue 1 in Candy, not very true to the actual colour.  They look a bit lurid here but  candy is nowhere near as bright as this!  I found these foam mats at Aldi.  I actually bought them to go on the floor of my studio but in the meantime have used them to do bocking.  I have drawn 20 cm squares in waterproof marker pen on them so that I can pin up to four at one time.

 I have also completed the first 3 squares of the second clue in colour A (Raspberry), the next three squares will be in B (deceptively named Rosy, which is actually an old lilac shade).  This is a Nordic Star; unusually, the charted pattern dictates that the design emerges from the wrong side row.  I have never come across this before.  

The square for this clue has a garter stitch border all round in contrast with the clue 1 square, which only has a garter stitch border top and bottom.  I can see myself re-knitting clue 1 all over again to match the second clue!  

There have been quite a few problems with gauge but clue 2 seemed to knit up almost exactly to the right size on 4 mm needles.  I can barely understand this as the first square, even when knitted on 4 mm pins, seemed still to be short ( even though there are the same number of rows in both).  There has been a huge amount of discussion about this on the Ravelry thread, which you can see if you sign up to Ravelry and visit the Rowan Forum for this knit-along.

So far this hasn't been too difficult but I think each new clue will grow in complexity and  throw in a few little twists to keep things interesting.  

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