Sunday, 18 May 2014

Mystery KAL - 6

I have now completed all six squares for the 4th clue.  This was the second lace pattern.  I added two rows of stocking stitch at the beginning and the end.  I think this also gives a better balance to the design as it is more centred.  I have also sewn in all the ends of this and the previous clues as I think it will give a neater appearance in the end if they are well finished rather than sewing up the squares with the hanging ends.  The contrast colour could look nice but I may use one of the body colours as it will not be such a stark contrast.

I think they all look nice once blocked and flat.  I have managed to block all the squares to more or less 20cm x 20cm, but some with more difficulty than others.  Clue 4 would have been quite a stretch to 20 cm if I hadn't added the extra 4 rows to each square.   The designer probably wanted a lacier appearance but I'm not sure that this would look good against the heavier squares.  I much prefer the fourth pattern to clue 3, which I found rather heavy looking with the thick garter stitch bands. At the moment I am a little worried about clue 3 as it does seem different to the others in size and thickness. Clue 3  gave the largest finished squares before blocking. 

 I tend to favour a more uniform appearance and ultimate thickness.  I am concerned that the squares will distort once sewn together and a flat blanket would not be possible if there has been over vigorous blocking of some squares against others. Hoping that they will all look good once sewn up into the final blanket.

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