Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Lily Pad = Floralized - Mystery Kit-Along by Cheri McEwen

This is the first blanket I have knitted in the round.  It is a pattern by Cheri McEwen on Ravelry called Floralized.  She has released it as a free pattern for The Summer 2014 Mystery Knit-along with 5 clues.  I seem to have become addicted to these.

This has been quite an adventurous knit for me.  The pattern is very versatile and can be knitted in any gauge wool and can be knitted in the round or as a triangle or three quarter shawl. There is provision for beads to be added as an optional extra; however, as I am knitting a blanket I didn't think this would be appropriate for me. I chose to make it into a complete square in James C Brett - Rustic Aran Tweed. This is a mixed yarn and very light ans soft.  I am actually enjoying knitting with this much more then the Rowan Pure Wool Worsted, which I found rather hard on the hands to knit.

The pattern itself is lace knit with eight repeats per quarter section that are divided by a spine stitch and additional fill stitches maintain the pattern throughout.

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