Monday, 21 July 2014

MKAL - 12 - Assembly

Had the most terrible day when starting to sew the centre squares.  I found I had assembled my centre squares up-side-down!  I have had to unassemble them and had to reassemble them the right way up. Fortunately I had only joined 4 strips of four squares up to that point otherwise I think I would have felt suicidal!

The trim is not very exciting to knit but, on the up side, I have turned the corners the using Dayana's short row  method.  This hasn't been without its own little quirks as the first two corners required a C6B and the last two needed a C4B.  I'm not going to worry about it as I am sure no one will notice once it is all made up. The blanket is so big that most little mistakes will not notice at all and just become one of the design features..
24 squares of middle section assembled with mattress stitch
Finished the trim and sewn it onto the edge, grafting the two ends together with difficulty as the wool was too dark to see the stitches clearly.
24 edge squares with cable trim attached

Middle section and edge with trim arranged to show how finished blanket will appear

Detail of corner turned with short rows with cable inserted

I have started to sew the centre panel into the blanket and it is really surprisingly heavy.  This would be better done in the winter as the weather is really too hot in July for a pure wool blanket covering the knees!!!  

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