Friday, 11 December 2009

Life Line

This link has really invaluable tips not least of which is the life line.  Such a simple idea and so helpful when knitting a really complex pattern which is really difficult to correct by dropping a stitch and working it back up again with a hook.

I have used it in my recent lace  shawl project but haven't made a serious error since I put the lifeline in.  The beauty of this is that you can reposition the lifeline as the work progresses.

Use a large darning needle or tapestry needle with a contrasting thread or string. I used soft string as it is white and smooth and consequently easy to see and pull out when required. I made some large loops of thread at both ends so that it wouldn't be pulled out inadvertently whilst working.

From Chartwell Shawl

From Chartwell Shawl

From Chartwell Shawl

So far I have gone past the half way mark and the shawl is taking shape nicely - at least I think so.

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