Monday, 30 November 2009

Shawl Chapter 2

From knitting
It has been a bit of a nightmare knitting this shawl.  I made a mistake in row 42 that nearly drove me to drink!  The phone rang and I made the mistake of answering it; I dropped a stitch and couldn't pick it up.  I had to unpick 8 rows as I kept dropping stitches and couldn't reach a point where I could start to knit again in the correct pattern. Eventually I did reach a point where it was possible to start again although even this row wasn't without errors, but I thought I could rectify them once I started knitting. 

I have nearly reached the point where it all went wrong so I hope that it won't happen again.  This pattern is quite complex and requires my complete concentration with no interuptions.  I will not answer the phone until I reach the end of a row in future. 

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